Ram of God

20:30, 03 - 28 Aug

Welcome to the Church of Ram, where sheep are people, people are sheeple and the apocalypse is just getting started. Bow down, rest your head against the holy breast and suckle on the holy teat; only Ram can save you now.

Part religious ceremony, part stadium rock concert, part cult AGM, this subversive sermon asks wild philosophical questions and provides long-lasting and uniquely milk-based catharsis.

Created with support from Soho Theatre and Arts Council England. 


"Deliciously daft” - The Guardian (★★★★) 

"Wickedly funny” - AYoungerTheatre.com (★★★★★) 

"Joyously unhinged” - TheReviewsHub.com (★★★★)

Part of our Edinburgh Festival Fringe programme