Grubby Little Mitts

14:15, 03 - 29 Aug

An uncomfortable stare; a shriek heard in the background of a dream; the noise a sloth makes when receiving divorce papers. From the unsettling mind-meld of Nicholls and Brown, Grubby Little Mitts will drive a truck through your life, delighting and bewildering in equal measure.

Featuring Rosie Nicholls (NewsRevue) and Sullivan Brown (No Rolls Barred), Grubby Little Mitts is rooted in the recognisable yet traverses into strange realities where normal rules of engagement do not apply. Sketch comedy with teeth... and eyeballs.

Directed by Jon Gracey (The Beta Males; Werewolf: Live).


“The White Stripes of Comedy…” - Reviews Hub ★★★★

“Divine comedy chemistry…” - Reviews Hub ★★★★

Part of our Edinburgh Festival Fringe programme