Gash Theatre Needs Some Space

22:25, 04 - 27 Aug

‘Boy, you're an alien. Your touch, so foreign. Wanna be your victim. Ready for abduction’ (K Perry, 2011).

Board Starship Gash for a voyage of interstellar sex-ploits! Do aliens have body image issues too? Is there a galaxy far-far-away enough from your ex? What’s really at the centre of a blackhole? (Spoiler alert: It’s Demi Lovato).

Gash Theatre (Offies 2021 finalist) tackles interdimensional bodies and sexualities, speeding between astronaut striptease, himbo space-drag worthy of Flash Gordon himself, and waaaaay too many Rick and Morty references (one). Houston, let's get NASAty.

Part of our Edinburgh Festival Fringe programme