Dan Wye Am I Sam Smith

17:00, 18 - 21 Aug

For centuries philosophers have asked the question, Who am I? But it's now time to ask, Am I Sam Smith? Through the camp ecstasy of comedy cabaret, Dan Wye, creator of Séayoncé, will explore the torment of being Sam's doppelganger. It's the pinnacle of the human experience, to watch Dan luxuriously stretched atop a piano in a glamorous outfit, singing songs and telling tales about (to quote his therapist) their many, unrelenting, unflinching, uncut flaws.



“A sharp edge of wit” – LGBTQArtsReview.wordpress.com (★★★★★)

“Queer, overboard and full of vice” – LondonBoxOffice.co.uk (★★★★★)

Part of our Edinburgh Festival Fringe programme