Róisín and Chiara: Sex on Wheels

21:00, 11 - 12 Aug

Róisín and Chiara return with a whirlwind of synchronised, audience-tickling, stream-of-consciousness mischief. Things get a little steamy as they figure out what Sex on Wheels could mean to the modern mind. Fierce, flamboyant and freakishly irreverent; like nothing you've seen before.


Three Weeks ★★★★★ “Sensual, spiritual, baffling, staggering... hilariously unpredictable”

The Sunday Times ★★★★ “A bubbling, slightly twisted blend of the Mighty Boosh, House of Pain and James Joyce – stream-of-consciousness messy art-house disco hip- hop comedy... beautifully silly”

Part of our Edinburgh Festival Fringe programme