Müller's Last Tape

11:40, 04 - 15 Aug

Last year, while clearing out my grandfather's house, I stumbled across hundreds of hidden envelopes. Every envelope contained a cassette tape, each labelled, Project S. As I listened, I realised that Grandad had managed to rewrite the story of his life. This is the tale of how my seemingly ordinary grandfather played a key role in a major international mystery. Expect hidden messages, obsessive fans, grandmothers, disruptive cockatoos and Belgian indie pop.



“One of the most fascinating experimental theatrical minds at the Fringe” – BritishTheatreGuide.info

“A Borgesian grip on the imagination” – The Scotsman

“Intriguing, provocative, slightly infuriating” – TheWeeReview.com

Part of our Edinburgh Festival Fringe programme