It All

17:10, 04 - 26 Aug

Cameron Cook pushes character work to incredible new heights in his debut solo show, previously performed to sold-out audiences at Soho Theatre. Join him on an intense, dreamlike ride through vivid characters who stream forth in moments of absurdity, satire, and tenderness, accompanied by striking live music and sounds from Claire Parry.

Image by Michael Hani (@themichaelhani).


“Cook commands the stage... A mad hatter's tea party with Beckett, Kafka and Edgar Allan Poe” – (★★★★½) 

"The man is an extraordinary performer. He’s… well, the only word that really fits is ‘mesmerising.’ The eerie piece of performance art that unfolds is an extraordinary tour de force." – Bouquets and Brickbats (★★★★½)

"Cook's T.S. Eliot-style fantasies, masterful physicality & vocal dexterity paired with Claire Parry’s superb abstract accompaniment more than entertain; they stir the soul." – Fringebiscuit (★★★★★)

“A surreal, unpredictable and entertaining one-man performance.” – My Theatre Mates (★★★★)

"A highly engaging, if idiosyncratic, piece of theatre, it’s as unpredictable as life itself." – London Theatre 1 (★★★★)

Part of our Edinburgh Festival Fringe programme