The Ghosting of Rabbie Burns by Gillian Duffy

19:30, 05 Feb

Heartbroken author Emily Winters takes herself away to her aunt’s old cottage in Ayrshire to get over her cheating ex. As she celebrates Burns night alone (wishing that the right man would show up), she gets a visitation slightly different than what she had hoped for – the ghost of Rabbie Burns appears to give her some dating advice…and he knows what he’s talking about!

Starring real-life couple Gill McGowan and Colin McGowan this hilarious comedy proves that love and relationships haven’t changed that much in 200 years after all.



‘Duffy’s brilliant, compact commentary on modern love.’ – Dundee Review 
‘Perfectly formed. An unexpected gem that really warms the heart.’ – Glasgow Theatre Blog
‘If you imagine Richard Curtis deciding to do his own ‘Scottish play’, the result would be remarkably similar to this charming little tale from Gillian Duffy.’ – The Wee Review
‘Gillian Duffy’s writing takes you on a rollercoaster ride of emotion.’ –