Tam O'Shanter, Tales & Whisky

19:30, 15 - 29 Apr


‘Tam O’ Shanter, Tales & Whisky’ is a comic celebration of the ‘Gothic’ poems of Robert Burns. You’ll see Stolen Elephant Theatre perform ‘Tam O’ Shanter’, ‘Death and Dr Hornbook’ and ‘Address to the Deil’. So. Expect to encounter Witches and Death. And the De’il himself!

‘Tam O’ Shanter’ is the undoubted masterpiece of Scotland’s National Poet. It tells the tale of a drunken farmer, hoofing it home through the wilds on a stormy evening. Not exactly a bright idea with Witches being on the loose. ‘Death and Dr Hornbook’ tells of an unexpected run-in with Death out on a barren moor. Rather worryingly, Death is carrying an awful scythe. Whilst ‘Address to the De’il’ is an out and out rant at the De’il himself.

So come join Stolen Elephant Theatre for an evening of the supernatural - we’ll also be telling comic versions of the Scottish folk tales ‘The Witch of Fife’ and ‘The Haunted Ships’. And Douglas McQueen Hunter and Douglas Caird from Court of Equity will be performing Burns' songs.

Expect to laugh and hoot, and for the odd shiver to go a running down your spine!

Plus, enjoy a dram of whisky with your ticket!

Creative team

Andy Dickinson

Simone Coxall

Dominic Brennan

Fiona Herbert

Shian Denovan

Emily Ingram

Kathrin Jacobsen

Douglas McQueen Hunter

Douglas Caird

About the company

Stolen Elephant Theatre was founded by Andy Dickinson. His play ‘Shackleton and his Stowaway’ was published by Methuen. Andy has produced for the Olivier Award-winning playwrights Grae Cleugh and Jack Shepherd.