Revolution Days

19:30, 23 - 24 Nov

A riveting true story of trauma and survival based on the real-life experiences of an aid worker in the Middle East during the Arab Spring.

Revolution Days follows Samira, an Aid Worker from Scotland, who goes through a baptism of fire during the ‘Revolutions’ in the Middle East. Believing she can make a difference, she takes on every mission, until, against a backdrop of war and violence, she is confronted by her own vulnerability.

Staged as the 10th anniversary of the Arab Spring uprising draws to a close, this powerful play is told through the eyes of a young woman straddling both ‘her Scottishness and Arabness’.

The play will be accompanied by the film Revolution Days: A True Reflection – a collection of interviews with people from Syria, Yemen, Libya, and Sudan who experienced the Revolutions first hand.

Seating for this performance will be physically distanced.