Pepper & Honey

14:00, 19:30, 13 - 14 Mar

So, what’s "home"?

As the era of post-Brexit Britain looms large, that question has never been more pertinent... That’s the question Ana, a young Croatian woman, poses as she settles in the UK.

Ana has been on a journey. Croatian born, she’s arrived in the UK, determined to make it home. As she focuses on life in this new land, she is haunted by the voice of her Grandma- calling for her to stay true to national identity and yearning for Ana to come home. As Grandma bakes her traditional Croatian pepper biscuits (believed to bring a loved one back home), will this be enough to be reunited with her granddaughter? But what is "home" to Ana now?

Written by a Croatian playwright and performed by a Croatian actor, Pepper & Honey is a poignant, subtle and timely play about the journey of change, cultural differences, trying not to feel like a foreigner in your adopted country, and the conflict between upholding the traditions of the "old country" and embracing those of the new.

Pepper & Honey is timed to perfection to deliver a perfect Croatian pepper biscuit, baked live with the help of the audience.

As well as 2 regular evening performances, we are offering a 'Bring Your Own Baby' (BYOB) matinee on 14 March.

Notnow Collective specialise in baby-friendly and baby-proof theatre practice, including providing shows for adults where babies are welcome to attend for certain performances. Enjoy a great night out during the daytime, without needing to spend on a baby-sitter! The Pepper & Honey BYOB performance is open to babes-in-arms (babies that aren't crawling or walking yet).

If, on the other hand, you desire a baby-free experience, join us for the evening shows!

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'incredibly poignant ... a beautifully written story which flows fantastically from one perspective to the next. A story of new beginnings, loss, and the sharing of cultures'

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'A warm and gentle show … evocative … Hofman nimbly shifts between the two Anas, the hopeful and “adventurous” immigrant and her tottering, black-clad old “baba” pouring her love into her pastry'

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'a subtle and charming production, rich in detail and interconnecting threads of meaning and experience. ... Gavran’s writing is alive with sensuous detail'

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