Page2Stage Edinburgh

19:30, 26 Apr

Page2Stage is well and truly back and with another exciting lineup of new writing in April.

Showcasing extracts from four brand new plays read in front of a live audience, and industry panel providing dramaturgical feedback giving a rare insight into the creative process.

You will then have a chance to carry on discussions, meet the team, writers and actors in the comfort of the Roxy Snug Bar.

Join us for an exciting night of theatre.

Panel this month includes: Zinnie Harris, Nicola McCartney & Ross MacKay

Showcasing in April:

The Night Afore Christmas by Lewie Watson

Scott receives an unexpected visitor when Nick, the Santa at his local garden centre goes down the wrong chimney on his way home. However, there is more to Nick than meets the eye.

Tracks and Charts by Adrian Moore

Peter and Vicky love each other. But when Peter discovers he is autistic, they find their relationship shifting in ways they didn’t expect. As they try to relearn how to communicate with each other, will their relationship stay strong, or is this one barrier they can’t transcend?

The Clockwork Girl by Laura Eleanor Paterson

Three parts of one whole, struggle, adjust, grow and learn together in this exploration of the mood-swing disorder cyclothymia.

Checking In by Dougal Thomson

Death is happily doing their job, when opportunity knocks. Next door to their next target, is the one and only Georgia Mitchell. What happens when Death knocks at your door for a wee chat? Georgia will soon find out.