18:30, 09 Jul

Experimental, Alternative, Avant- Folk. Rooted in the ballad genre, Jemima and her band create an enveloping folksy fusion of dark songs and bright, deep rhythms evoking Highland landscapes, the underworld, and transformation. Deeply textured with layers of grit, tenderness, mischief, humour and wisdom, Jemima's cloud hopping tales are told by warm, powerful vocals carried on a bed of heavy, playful percussion and strings. With lyrics and melodies that creep up and catch you unawares and beats that get you moving in spirit and body. The effect of this music stays with you long after you have heard it.

Pocket Monica are Leith-based weird pop/psych-folk duo: multi-instrumentalist Erez Yotam Bertrand and vocalist Iona Zawinski. Big punchy beats from tiny wee synths, middle-eastern flavoured harmonica and flute ripping across the top, guitars slip sliding away - a banjo if you’re lucky, and cheeky, trickily truthful word-smithery in a voice as deep and true as the love of the dog for the bone.

DJ Dolphin Boy is a unique entity. He has been an integral part of the positively evolving music scene in Scotland over the last 20 years and has also become one of Scotland’s favourite DJs and remixers. His open-minded musicality and ability to make even the folkiest of dirges sexy means he’s loved by the folkies and jazzers as well as by the hardcore clubbers on the dance floor. Hail Dolphin Boy. We love you you genre busting beat freak!

Glen Leslie's poetry has romantic sensibility, stirring imagery, and beatnik jollity and is a feast for the ears.



“Calling is a promising debut, possessing a gravitas and a dark kind of beauty” – Fiona MacTaggart, Songlines

“This record has a truly transportive quality to it. Jemima’s other-worldly voice is carried on a river of tasteful instrumentation which always enhances, and never distracts. A beautiful thing.” – Martin Green, Lau

“The album is so beautiful. It’s a great combo of ethereal, sort of Brian Eno/Enya hallucination and dreaminess, and world music. If it was just one thing, it wouldn’t have near the beauty and compelling quality of that particular combination.” – Rosanne Cash


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