Fiona Brice - And You Know I Care

19:30, 18 Nov

Fiona Brice is a British violinist, pianist and composer whose music spans both contemporary classical and indie alternative worlds.

Recognised internationally as a session musician and orchestral arranger often gracing the stage with high profile rock/ pop artists such as Elbow, Ariana Grande, Liam Gallagher and Florence & the Machine.

Fiona performs intimate shows using just violin, piano and loop pedals to create meditative re-workings of her tracks, drawing on her indie rock roots to present instrumental classical music in a different light.

For this special concert in Roxy's Upstairs theatre as part of Scotland on Tour, Fiona presents work from her new album 'And You Know I Care'.



“Brice has enhanced the voices of others for too long. Now her own needs to be heard!” – MOJO