Up close and personal with our new General Manager!

10 July 2019

Today at Assembly we are welcoming Dani Rae into the team and thought it only fair that you guys get to know a bit about her too! Here’s what we uncovered when we quizzed her on her Festival experience earlier in the month. (Psst...don’t worry Dani, the dumplings are back.)


Q: Why did you choose to work in the arts?

Do you choose to work in the arts? I think it chooses you. Growing up, I thought acting was the only available thing in the arts. When I went to college, I realised there was so much more. I'm definitely not a performer, but I'm pretty good at facilitating those who are.

Q: What’s your previous experience of Fringe?

This is Fringe number 15 for me, I think. I started as an usher, I've worked as a producer, programmer, PR, bar person, venue manager and at the Fringe Society as their Head of Participant Services (mat cover). I love this festival and everything it can be for artists and audiences alike.

Q: What are you looking forward to most this Festival?

Getting to know the team, and a feel for the Assembly rhythm. I'm excited to see which shows are going to be the hits and the hidden gems. And dumplings in Assembly Gardens, with extra coriander (please).

Q: What was the first ever Fringe show you saw?

My school used to do a trip to the Fringe (I'm from Dumfries & Galloway), so I saw three shows at the Traverse in 2001: fareWel by Ian Ross, Midden by Morna Regan and Gagarin Way by Gregory Burke. I still have the ticket stubs.

Q: What is your best memory of the Fringe?

That's a hard question. There's a few. The first full house in a venue I'd help programme. Seeing my daughter's face light up with fear and delight seeing her first Fringe shows. Getting a cuddle from Sue Perkins before she performed White Rabbit Red Rabbit for us in George Square Studios.