The Journey of DUST, a multisensory performance by The Melomaniacs

7 August 2018

Mike Marlin (vocals/lyrics) was born in Wimbledon in the early 1960s. He went to university to study physics, but discovered music and girls instead. He dropped out and joined a succession of bands as a bass player - always standing at the back and never singing a note.


Sensibly Mike abandoned music, and turned his attention to programming computers before most people knew what a personal computer was for. He had a knack for code and carved out a string of technology businesses through the 80s and 90s. Secretly he wrote songs in his basement but had no ambitions to get back on stage.


Mike sold a business in his late 40s to become a novelist, but in a random twist of fate met a young music producer and made a record of songs from his basement. For the first time he sang his songs to an audience and was hooked. Eight years later, DUST is his 5th record and first collaborative project with Kim Murray (guitar) and Paul Silver (keys/saxophone) as “The Melomaniacs.”


DUST marks a significant evolution in the creative process. The record was improvised in a series of Monday night jamming sessions and honed on the road. You can hear the creative freedom as the Melomaniacs explore time, sonics and genres.


Dust evolved from a musical adventure into a much broader project. The band decided to record the album on the road and set off for America. Jean-Luc Fievet - an old friend and professional photographer - joined the project and photographed everything. Lee Archer - a Scottish filmmaker and long term collaborator on videos for Mike - filmed everything. With Danny Monk on front of house and behind the mixing desk that made a creative team of six and Dust became a multi-faceted combination of music, words, images and film. Hours of music, thousands of photographs and terabytes of film footage have been distilled into a record, a book, eleven images and a one-hour film. Taken together these are the essential components of DUST.



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