The Good Edinburghs and The Bad Edinburghs by Nazeem Hussain

27 July 2017

FOUR MORE SLEEPS UNTIL I FLY AWAY TO EDINBURGH! So exciting. Last year was my debut, and I had a great time. I made lots of friends, and ate so much, and didn’t hate any of it. They say you have your good and your bad Edinburghs – my first year was definitely a good Edinburgh. This could be one of my bad Edinburghs.

Nahhhhhh….. I’m gonna subscribe to so many inspirational Instagram accounts and read positive memes to myself daily so that even if things go badly, I won’t know cos I’m drunk on #Positivity.

I haven’t even thought about packing yet. I really should, I always forget important things, like nail clippers and… actually just nail clippers. It took me a week after arriving in Edinburgh to buy some. I got busy, and it was never at the top of my to-do list each day. I saw my gross fingernails as I handed out fliers to strangers, and each time I got the mic off the stand at the beginning of each show. Gross nails gross me out. I should start packing.

Not sure if I should buy some t-shirts. I’m a little nervous that anyone who comes back to watch me this year will see me in the same t-shirt as last year. I only have a bunch of around 10 fun t-shirts I like to wear on stage… Maybe they’ll think it’s my subtle protest against consumerism. Yeah, #Corbyn4PM.

In short, this should be fun again. There’s no other city that gets taken over by performers for a month like Edinburgh does. It’s insane. I can’t believe it hasn’t become a shit festival like every other festival on earth that starts off good then gets shit. I better go, laptop battery dying. I will also pack my laptop charger.

Nazeem Hussain join Assembly Festival at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe from 2-27 August 2017 at 20:00 @ Assembly George Square Studio 5. See more of Nazeem here!