The Countdown Is On With Urzila Carlson

23 July 2017


Edinburgh Fringe is a beast of a festival that I’ve never done, I’ve never even been to Scotland - even though the in-laws are from there. Whenever I attend a new festival, it’s like looking forward to a beach holiday with your family if you live inland and only get to see the beach every ten years or so. You can’t wait, you read all about it, you picture what you think it’ll be like, but you know nothing can prepare you, regardless how many of your friends tell you what to expect. The closer to the holiday you get the less you sleep and the more you question if you’ve packed the right clothes… not that you have any other clothes to pack because you’ve totally over packed and you don’t even have space for cotton buds, not that you need more cotton buds because you’ve packed some already, hell you’ve packed extra just in case there are no shops or people have never heard of cotton buds…you get the idea…YOU’VE PACKED EVERYTHING. That’s how I feel about going to Edinburgh Fringe. 

I’m nervous, but super excited, I’ve heard all the stories, the good, the bad, the hideous, the drunk, the sad, the hills, the beauty…I’ve heard it all, and I know, just like that beach holiday, there will be amazing times, but of course there will also be times that I’ll sit at home with sand in my crack and just a bit sad and homesick. But I’m ready to soak it all in, the good reviews, the horrendous reviews, the flyering of locals that don’t want to be flyered anymore, the new and exciting food and exploring a new city with new people, making new friends and connecting with old ones. Bring on Edinburgh Fringe and my show. 

Urzila Carlson joins Assembly Festival at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe from 3-27 August 2017 at 15:10 @ Assembly Rooms - Drawing Room. See more of Squeeze My Cans here!