Meet Renzo Pedreschi: The Voice of Assembly Festival 2018

31 July 2018

Welcome to the 38th year of Assembly Festival!

Although I was born and raised in Edinburgh, I don't remember really being part of the Fringe until 2004, when my dad took me to see my first Fringe show, It was called ‘Life as a 10-year-old boy’ and was playing at Assembly Rooms. The only reason that I wanted to see it was because I thought it was about the Simpsons. Now I don’t remember much about the show itself, other than Nancy Cartwright didn't speak as Bart as much as I would have liked and there was a Simpson quiz at the end, which I did not win, but what I do remember is being enthralled and excited by the buzz and atmosphere that encompassed the city. I knew then that I wanted to be part of it. My first plan was to develop my own show, a one-man rendition of Flat Stanley, however, I quickly realized I'm not a great actor, nor can I sing, I can juggle but only with three balls and that’s not particularly impressive. So the next best option was to start working in Fringe venues.

I have worked during the Fringe for many years, mostly at bars in many different venues. It was 2017 when I made the big move to the Box Office. This was the same year that Assembly Festival got Assembly Rooms back, so it only seemed right that 13 years after seeing my first fringe show at Rooms I would be the box office supervisor there. 2017 was a crazy Fringe, Assembly Rooms was busier and more hectic than anyone expected and as I had never worked in the Box Office before I had a lot to learn. So when I was offered the Box Office Manager job for this year I jumped at the opportunity, but I had an strange feeling that this would be the start of something much bigger!

When I was asked to be the Voice of Assembly 2018 I couldn’t quite believe it,  I knew straight away that this was my big break, this was the opportunity that I had always hoped for. Jason Byrne, David O’Doherty and Russell Howard, they may sell out huge venues however every single person that sees an Assembly show will hear me perform. At the beginning of every performance I will be heard welcoming everyone and reminding them to turn off their phones – it’s an important responsibility!

This can only lead to bigger things, maybe I’ll be asked to be the voice at the train station, I can hear it now ‘this train is for Glasgow Queen Street, the next stop is Croy’. Or if I’m really lucky I’ll get the X Factor gig, welcoming the nation to their Saturday night. This will obviously bring a lot more attention my way, but I am ready for fame, this is what everything has been building up to.

I do not want to get ahead of myself and I am trying to stay grounded but this is a huge opportunity and I need to grab it with both hands.

However, in the meantime Assembly Festival’s 2018 programme is bigger and better than ever before, with shows for everyone no matter what you are into. So get yourself a mini guide and have a flick through, or come down to one of our box offices and we will be more than happy to help you choose.

Thank you and enjoy the shows!