Edinburgh Food Festival 2019

Bellies are rumbling…

Loosen your belts, undo some buttons, run up and down the stairs a few times – prepare yourselves in whatever way you see fit for some serious foodie indulgence. Edinburgh Food Fest is back and there’s something for everyone: showcasing the very best of Scottish producers, whether you prefer gelato over gin, or falafel to fresh fish & chips. We welcomed 25,000 visitors to the garden in 2018 and this year we’re anticipating an even larger appetite for the best of what Scotland has to offer. We’ve double the amount stalls on offer so whether you’re veggie, vegan, omni, flexi or just straight up HUNGRY we’ll have something for you. Entry to George Square Gardens is totally free, so you can pop in and out as often as you like (for seconds, thirds, etc.). No judgement, we promise.


Some of the highlights of the Garden include:

  • Behold! A new vegan pie from Jarvis Pickle: crisp, perfect pastry and a delightfully decadent sweet potato, mushroom and truffle oil filling. Those scared of disappointing vegan imitations can rest assured that this pie loses none of its delight by being entirely plant-based, with seasoned pie-eaters sure to agree it’s a champion of comfort cooking and flavour expertise. When they inevitably ask at the end of the run, ‘Who ate all the pies?’ the answer will be: majoritively me. 
  • Deep fried pizza is something of a Scottish classic in itself but Norelli do it the Neapolitan way and somehow (sorry Scotland) it feels much more wholesome when it’s prepared infront of you by these Pitt Street regulars. Expect something similar to a calzone but somehow much lighter despite a dip in the fryer, elevated from a simple cheesy comfort fix by the urgency of fresh, well-sourced ingedients. Bravo.
  • Adored Leith Walk institution Punjabi Junction is a foodie treat (and at its heart a social enterprise) entering a new lease of life and jumping into the world of Festivals and Events here at Edinburgh Food Fest. This welcome addition to the Gardens offers home-cooked classics that are all about flavour: chana masala, chicken curry – and not forgetting the aubergine pakora. Check them out.


Get involved! Event highlights:

The exciting line-up of free events will include Scott Smith from Edinburgh Restaurant of the year Fhior, private events chef Barry Bryson from Cater Edinburgh, Jérôme Henry from Le Roi Fou, Carina Contini, and former MasterChef Professionals winner Derek Johnstone from Borthwick Castle. Full programme online here

  • Saturday 20 & Thursday 25 13:00, 14:00, 15:00 & 16:00:  Raw pop-up  | Hand-dived scallops from Scotland from closed to cooked. | Starting with fresh live scallops, you'll be shown how to prepare and remove them from the shell. Together we’ll cook them three ways over fire, with local vegetables fresh from the market. Duration: 40 minutes. 4 persons per session, sign up at the stall.
  • Friday 26 14:30 & Saturday 27 16:00: Hipsters and Hobos | Find – Forage – Ferment Workshop | Bring your own jar & learn how to ferment!

  • Everyday 14:00: Edinburgh Food Social  | Taste Adventure & Hands On Cooking Activity | Edinburgh Food Social is passionate about teaching kids about great local food and will be hosting daily activities for the duration of the Edinburgh Food Festival. Expect lots of fun food adventures exploring seasonal ingredient, wellness, craft and much more!