Critically Acclaimed Baxter Theatre Season Heads to Edinburgh

21 July 2017

The famous Baxter Theatre Centre is known for producing provocative and confronting theatre during the apartheid era, since then it continues to challenge, provoke and inspire. Featuring the return of Yael Farber's 2012 smash hit, Mies Julie, the Baxter Theatre Centre brings six, world class, award winning shows to Edinburgh this August.


Mies Julie


Winning more than 20 prestigious theatre awards, including the 2012 Scotsman Fringe First Award, Mies Julie is back by popular demand. Set to the backdrop of a recently apartheid free South Africa, Yael Farber explores the story of interracial love and the battle pf power, sexuality, memory, mothers and land. 

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Tshepang: The Third Testament


Tshepang became an international success as it presented a rare and necessary foray into a world that few have seen before. It draws on a South African style of story-telling, combining striking visual imagery with an African sense of magic realism while cleverly and sensitively layering the story with complex psychological and personal issues.  A devastating portrayal of the phenomenon of infant rape in South Africa. Based on one of the most controversial stories of the past decade, Lara Foot's work stays in the hearts and mind of all who witness this world class piece of theatre. 
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The Fall


Rising from the #RhodesMustFall, #FeesMustFall movement that stormed the University of Cape Town in 2015 comes a collaborative piece of theatre emerging from the heart of South Africa. Race, class, gender, sexism, colonialism and ideologies of patriarchy – core to global conversations and interventions today - are tackled head-on, seeking to unpack discrimination in all its forms. 
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The play tells the story of Ivan, who is not a professor, but is told by his wife to give a lecture on the harmful effects of tobacco, even though he is himself a small smoker. What follows is not so much a lecture, as an unfolding of the often hilarious and poignant journey of a man trying to be heard for the first time. Triple Fringe First winner Andrew Buckland masters the balance between comedy and drama in this intimate story of growth. 
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Karoo Moose - No Fathers


In an impoverished village in the Karoo, South Africa, a young girl, Thozama, struggles to survive. Her life is changed forever after her father uses her to pay his gambling debt. Taking out 15 of South Africa's most prestigious theatre prizes, Karoo Moose cements Lara Foot position as one of the most talented and creative story tellers in South Africa. 
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The Inconvenience of Wings


Leading South African writer and director Lara Foot’s latest play is a powerful and poignant drama about friendship, dysfunction, addiction and angels which make for compelling viewing with burning contemporary themes such as bi-polar disorder and compulsion and its devastating effect on the family. Speaking to those who have battled with mental illness in their lives, or knows someone who has, The Inconvenience of Wings is an emotionally charged performance that isn't easily forgotten. 
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